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How I created a recovery DVD for averatec 3270

This simple bootable CD (slax-fwrecover CD) will create a Recovery DVD (or a set of Recovery CD(s)) from your "hidden" Phoenix Recovery Partition. It should work on any averatec model. Simply put, it extracts the harddisk images, used by Phoenix FirstWare Recover Pro 2004 (the software which you start by pressing F4 during the boot), and burns them on a DVD (or on several CD(s)). Even if you messed up your MBR and "F4 during boot" no longer works, slax-fwrecover CD will work as long as you didn't delete the "hidden" partition.

1) First you will need to download the iso image of slax-fwrecover and burn it. This step can be done on any computer, not necesserarily on your averatec machine.

* Download the file slax-fwrecover.iso (MD5SUM 79474fb5e905cdb1804911bbefa9a7d8 ) from http://rapidshare.com/files/5525118/slax-fwrecover.iso, or from http://www.sendspace.com/file/tp7wyi, or from http://www.f-forge.com?d=eGXL4ZcfWKOh0Bv3obHj. This file is about 54Mb.

* Download DeepBurner Free from http://www.deepburner.com/, it is about 3Mb.

* Install DeepBurner, and use it to burn slax-fwrecover.iso to any writable CD or DVD disk (if it is a re-writable disk, you may first need to erase, or "blank" it).

2) Now we are ready to make Recovery DVD/CD(s). Note that not a single bit will be written to your hard-disk, everything will be done in the memory. You may turn off your averatec machine at any time, and you will be fine.

* Insert slax-fwrecover CD you've just made into the drive and reboot your averatec machine. It will boot from this slax-fwrecover CD. It will take some time to copy the contents of the CD into the memory (2-3 minutes). Dont disturb the machine. Once it is done, it will eject the CD.

* If your Phoenix Partition is not corrupted, you will see a prompt asking if you want to burn a DVD or several CD(s). Obviously one DVD is better. But some Averatecs can't burn DVD's (e.g. av1020 and av1050). If you want a DVD, answer DVD, if you want a set of several CD's, answer CD (for most Averatecs it will be 3 CD's).

* Again, dont disturb the machine. Just insert the empty disk(s) when prompted. Burning time for one DVD or one CD is about 10 minutes. If you are burning several CD's, remember their order (write 1, 2, 3 ... on them with a permanent marker).

To recover, simply insert the Recovery DVD or the first Recovery CD into the tray and reboot the machine. It will erase all data on your harddrive (including the "hidden" partition), and will recover your Windows partition to the factory-shipped state. If you used a Recovery CD, sometime during the process you will be asked to insert the next CD's.

Note: If your CD-drive can't burn DVD's (e.g. if you have av1020 or av1050), and you've made Recovery CD's but would like to have a single Recovery DVD, then you can do so on another machine (with a DVD burner) as per described in http://averatecforums.com/showpost.php?p=29353.

Technical details:

The only difference between slax-fwrecover.iso and the origianal file slax-frodo-5.1.6.iso (available at slax.org) is that the former contains an additional file modules/fwrecover.mo and has some changes in the start-up scripts as described in http://averatecforums.com/showpost.php?p=28880. The file fwrecover.mo is a squashfs-image of fwrecover.tgz. I have been very carefull to include into this file only free open-source software, which is either licensed under GNU GPL, or is just plain freeware. It contains a bootable FreeDOS floppy-image (with CD-ROM drivers and fdisk), a small utility fwfind which I wrote myself, and a bash-script fwrecover which does the job. The executable fwfind has been statically linked (that's why it is so big!), so you can use fwrecover.mo with any other version of Slax, and you can also use fwrecover.tgz with any other live Linux (it has to support loop-back devices and include DVD-writing utility growisofs and/or CD-writing utility cdrecord).

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sorry, I misunderstood about the auto-login thing.

then one of course can

1) set prompt to 0 in isolinux.cfg and/or syslinux.cfg and append copy2ram and nohd to the kernel boot options.

This will take care of the Step 4.

2) change
c1:1235:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux
in the file /etc/inittab and delete unnecessary scripts from /etc/rc.d/, which in turn live in base/02_core.mo

This will take care of the Steps 5 and 6.

If one makes these changes, then the use of this Slax disk will be even simpler: just insert the Slax disk, boot from it, remove the Slax disk once it is ejected, and load an empty DVD when prompted (if we also hide all the boot messages, one may even not know that he is booting into Linux).

But do you think I need to do it? May be Slax+fwrecover.mo is already simple enough. The above modifications will work only for Slax and will highly depend on the particular Slax version.

P.S. And I was actually wrong. For global auto-login one will have to patch /sbin/agetty, not /sbin/init (agetty is the getty daemon used in Slax).

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Originally Posted by empty-space
This disk is amazing. Thanks so much for providing it to the community, it does exactly what it says and makes recovery disk just as you would expect them to come from the factory.

Tested backup and restore on a 1020 ED2 and it worked flawlessly.

When i got the computer I immediately cleared the drive, making sure to leave that extra partition just in case. Then when I actually needed it, I found that, since i had rewrote the MBR, i couldnt use the recovery tool (horrible design there). Eventually I found this ISO and it saved me. Now i have a set of "original" recovery disks, and no annoying partition. Brilliant.

The only thing I'd like to know is if it is possible for me to take these 3 recovery CDs and convert them to 1 recovery DVD using another computer with a DVD burner. Although the CDs are great, the convenience of a single disk would be nice.

Thanks a bunch for the program. Its really great knowing that I have a practical recovery option now.
your are welcome. good to know it works for 1000 series too.

Yes, if you want to make a Recovery DVD, you obviously will need another computer to burn it (since av1000's dont have a DVD burner).

1) copy all the files from all your Recovery CD's into a new folder, say c:\fwrecover.

2) get the the elTorito boot image for your Recovery DVD (it is an image of a bootable floppy disk). You can either use bbie.exe to extract it from your Recovery CD #1, or extract it from fwrecover.tgz (since everything was optimized for Linux, it is a bit tricky: you will need gzip, tar and bzip2. First "gzip -d fwrecover.tgz" and "tar -xvf fwrecover.tar", and then "bzip2 -d phoenix\boot.bz2"). Copy this boot image into c:\fwrecover\boot.img.

now you can either use your usual method for making bootable CD/DVD's, or

3) get cdrtools and unpack it to c:\cdrtools. Then in the DOS shell say
cd fwrecover
c:\cdrtools\mkisofs.exe -J -R -gid 0 -uid 0 -dir-mode 777 -file-mode 666 -c boot.catalog -hide boot.img -hide boot.catalog -hide-joliet boot.img -hide-joliet boot.catalog -hide-rr-moved -o c:\fwrecover.iso -b boot.img .
4) Finally, burn c:\fwrecover.iso to a blank DVD.

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